Monday, 25 January 2010

New baby present

This project doesn't technically feature felt (although the felt 'A' is one of presents wrapped up inside it) but I thought i'd put it on here anyway... To finish off the new baby present I decided to make a matching gift tag based on the design of the new baby card.

The tag is made out of one piece of card, folded in half along the long edge. I cut the pram shape with a craft knife on one half of the card. I gave the pram some texture by sticking mesh paper ribbon over the tissue paper and sticking this to the back of the aperature. Then I folded the card over and used double-sided tape to stick it to the other half, so you can't see how the tissue paper is stuck on. I finished it off by punching a hole in the top.

The finished present...  I hope they like it!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

An amazing felt playhouse

I've just found the most amazing felt playhouse on the Homemade by Jill blog.

There is so much attention to detail and it is very interactive. I would love to have a go at making something like this, I've just got to find someone to make it for! Maybe you'll see something similar appearing on my blog in the coming year..

Felt letter decoration

This week I've been making this cute felt decoration for the nursery of my friend's new baby.

I started by cutting 2 letter 'A's out of the felt and arranging the buttons on the pieces before stitching them on. There are buttons sewn on both of the 'A' parts so it's reversible. I used a spare bit of pink ribbon for the hanger. The 2 parts were attached together by blanking stiching with white thread around the edges. I stuffed the different sections as they were stitched together rather than doing it all at the end.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

New baby cards

My friends are having a little baby girl in the next few weeks so I thought I'd make their new baby card this afternoon...

The pram is made out of pink and white felt, with pink ribbon threaded through the hood part. I finished it off with 2 white buttons for the wheels. I used my new Ecterera revolving alphabet stamp for the wording.

I made a similar one a while ago in blue...

As I didn't have any white ribbon I did a running stitch in white thread around the outside of the hood.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Irwin the owl

After growing up in a house full of felt (my parents sell it) I've decided to see what I can actually make with it. So I found one of mum's old craft books, The complete book of Handicrafts (1973), and thought I'd try to make the fur fabric owl out of felt.

Meet Irwin the Owl...

Irwin likes hanging out on the bookshelf, where he can brush up on his knowledge so he can become an even wiser owl. If you want to test him just ask him a question below...