Monday, 3 September 2012

Pop and bang - my little felt rabbit puppets

When I saw these cute bunny rabbit puppets on the purl bee blog I knew I had to make them to use in sunday school. They were a real hit with the children and after the story they loved playing with them. They're very easy to make - although I'm not that good with the sewing machine and they have a few holes in the sides where I've only sewed through one layer of felt! I used Kunin eco-fi felt to make them and some of my scraps for the ears and nose.

As you can see the bunnies loved their photo shoot and I got to play with my new camera as well.

Time for a rest after all that running around...

The pattern and instructions can be found here - warning: more cute bunny photography!

Friday, 27 July 2012

The Ashford Eagle Owl

Had an exciting morning trying out my new Canon EOS 1100d camera when the Ashford Eagle Owl unexpectedly decided to spend a few hours in my nan's garden. I'm not usually one for bird watching but I couldn't resist an opportunity to see what my camera could do (although it might of helped if I'd finished reading the instruction manual first!) It sat in the flower bed for ages and I managed to get quite close.

A cat came along and it ruffled it's feathers while they stared each other out.

I got this one of the eagle owl taking off - shame it's not in focus but it all happened very quickly!

You could see how large it's wing span was when it was flying off back to Charter House.

You never know it might come back again - but as I'm going back to work on Monday I probably won't be around to see it.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Papercut wedding card

One of my old school friends got married on Friday. I wanted to make them a wedding card that was unique to them so decided to try a papercut based on some designs I'd seen on Etsy. Wasn't exactly sure of their colour scheme but went for bright purple which turned out to be the same colour as the bridesmaid dress!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Scrabble cushions

I've finally finished the scrabble cushions! It may have taken a few months (since August!) but they are now finished and will be taking their places on my sister's window seat as soon as she's finished the seat.

In order to get an authentic Scrabble font I enlarged some pictures I found of the original scrabble cushions and cut the letters and numbers out from them. The cushion pads are very cheap cushions from Ikea and the cover was made from Ikea white fabric. The numbers and letters are black felt. Each cushion is double sided so there are double the letters to play with....

Turn over the S and the T and you get...

 Turn over the A and you get a W...

Turn over the E and you get an I...

They'll provide hours of entertainment at my sister's house as they try and work out all the words you can spell with them. Now I might have to make a set for me....

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wedding anniversay papercut

Last year I was a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding over in Canada. It was a great day and a beautiful wedding. It's just coming up to their 1st wedding anniversary and I wanted to make them a special present out of paper (the traditional 1st anniversary gift!). After downloading Inkscape for free I started playing around with some designs for a papercut. When I had the final design I reversed the image and printed it on to some nice white paper. I then started cutting out the design...

 After a few hours (and a severely dented finger from pressing too hard on the knife!) it turned out like this...

I managed to find some card the same colour as our bridesmaid's dresses. Although I haven't actually mounted it on to the card as I wasn't sure if the colour would go in their house!

The bride's brother had created their wedding stationery and designed 2 birds that featured on everything (including the cake!). I couldn't do a papercut without including them - in the end I put them everywhere! At their reception they had loads of Christmas trees so I put a few at the bottom of the heart.

It's in the post now on the way to Canada. Hopefully they'll both like it!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Letter 'R' tote bag

It was my friend's birthday at the weekend and I couldn't find anything to get her so I decided to decorate a plain tote bag that I'd got from Hobby Craft. The bag looked a bit boring with just the letter on it so I put some buttons on the letter and also at the bottom of the straps.

She loved the bag and used it to carry all her other presents home! I've got 2 more plain bags to decorate so watch this space to see what I do with them!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Papercut butterfly pictures

I made a lot of these papercut butterfly pictures for Christmas presents this year. I found some great square box frames in Debenhams that meant I could make the butterfly wings stand out from the background so they look 3d. Think my favourite one is the bright red butterfly. It will look great in my sisters' red and white bedroom!