Friday, 27 July 2012

The Ashford Eagle Owl

Had an exciting morning trying out my new Canon EOS 1100d camera when the Ashford Eagle Owl unexpectedly decided to spend a few hours in my nan's garden. I'm not usually one for bird watching but I couldn't resist an opportunity to see what my camera could do (although it might of helped if I'd finished reading the instruction manual first!) It sat in the flower bed for ages and I managed to get quite close.

A cat came along and it ruffled it's feathers while they stared each other out.

I got this one of the eagle owl taking off - shame it's not in focus but it all happened very quickly!

You could see how large it's wing span was when it was flying off back to Charter House.

You never know it might come back again - but as I'm going back to work on Monday I probably won't be around to see it.


  1. Hi Catherine,

    Great photos! I wrote a story about the eagle owl in the Kentish Express last week. I'd love to use these shots in a follow-up if you'd be happy to send them to me.

    My email is if you're interested


  2. Wow, you got some great pictures and memories. Loved when he/she bushed up at the cat.
    Billie Anne