Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wedding anniversay papercut

Last year I was a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding over in Canada. It was a great day and a beautiful wedding. It's just coming up to their 1st wedding anniversary and I wanted to make them a special present out of paper (the traditional 1st anniversary gift!). After downloading Inkscape for free I started playing around with some designs for a papercut. When I had the final design I reversed the image and printed it on to some nice white paper. I then started cutting out the design...

 After a few hours (and a severely dented finger from pressing too hard on the knife!) it turned out like this...

I managed to find some card the same colour as our bridesmaid's dresses. Although I haven't actually mounted it on to the card as I wasn't sure if the colour would go in their house!

The bride's brother had created their wedding stationery and designed 2 birds that featured on everything (including the cake!). I couldn't do a papercut without including them - in the end I put them everywhere! At their reception they had loads of Christmas trees so I put a few at the bottom of the heart.

It's in the post now on the way to Canada. Hopefully they'll both like it!

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