Friday, 30 July 2010

Dotty leaving card/scrapbook

One of my friends recently left to go back to Canada after spending 6 months in England. Instead of doing a normal style leaving card I decided to create a concentina card that had 8 sides so I could include more pictures on it.

There was a dotty theme to her leaving present so I continued this on the card. I found some lovely dotty wrapping paper in Oliver Bonas (they do it in red, blue and pink!) to create a union jack front cover.

5 sides of the card then had pictures of things she did while she was here.

All the words  were stamped with my alphabet revolving stamper.

I ended the card with a cd of all the photos from her time in England. I made a cd pocket to attach to the card and covered this in more of the dotty paper.

Something she can keep forever to remind her of her English adventure!

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