Monday, 19 September 2011

Strawberry tote bag

I'm very proud of this tote bag I decorated for my Aunt's birthday - I think it turned out quite well considering I didn't really plan it. I've had the strawberry fabric for ages and now I've finally found a use for it (although there is still a lot left!). The fabric square is also a pocket, which will be handy to put keys in when she's out shopping.

The strawberry is made out of some red fabric that I also found stashed away in my cupboard. I ironed some bond-a-web to the back so it wouldn't fray. Unfortunately we didn't have any double sided bond-a-web so I still had to sew the strawberry on to the pocket. The stalk is made out of felt (I had to use felt somewhere!). The seeds are sewn on with white thread.

I found one of my old school uniform tags to use as a label. The reds match really well and finishes it off.

Now I've got 3 more plain tote bags to decorate for Christmas presents. Just got to decide what to do with them....

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